8th Grade Dance

Today was the eighth grade dance at my local middle school. Of course, I don’t actually go to school there, but we called ahead. I went with one of my BFFs, K. We are both homeschooled. Anyway, this was our very first school dance. We weren’t planning on going, but yesterday my dad said I should go. I got to work asking my public school friends if they were going. None of them were, sadly. So I called K and we planned it out. My dad commented that we are quick planners because he asked me about the dance around ten that morning and we had it all worked out by around two in the afternoon. And before that we didn’t even have an inkling of going to the dance.

At first it was kind of awkward because we didn’t know ANYONE. And not everyone was there yet. So K and I just stood around talking about books and how the third Percy Jackson and fourth Harry Potter books are right about kids traveling in packs. K said that we could be score-keepers for Percy in the back playing basketball. The dance was hosted by the high school and about thirty to forty-five minutes in, some of the high schoolers came and danced with us to break the ice. It was SUPER nice of them to do that. After our little “ice breaker” group broke up, K and I felt more comfortable and danced the entire time until the end. I don’t think our dancing was that great, but I told K that the trick is to NOT make it look like you have to go to the bathroom.

K and I mostly just danced together, not with any groups. We tried to get close to the other groups just so we wouldn’t be out in the open. But it felt like five minutes after we got close to them, we saw that they were farther away. At first, we thought that we were just dancing away from them without knowing it, but after that same thing happened a few times, we noticed that we hadn’t gone anywhere. We had no idea what that was about. Did we smell bad? I don’t think so. We were just dancing like everyone else. Oh, well. We had fun just the same.

K and I also noticed that a lot of the kids there were TALL. Like, seriously tall. K is a pretty tall girl, at least, compared to me, but these kids were towering over her. It was quite unnerving. And they didn’t even look like 8th graders. The looked like sophomores or something.

There were also a couple slow songs which were REALLY awkward! K and I just stood off to the side, swinging our arms, waiting for the song to end. Yeah, we were those people. 🙂

We had fun at the dance. We didn’t really talk to anybody. Yes, yes, it’s a social dance, but you know, we’re homeschoolers. The shy kind. But we did get a great work-out jumping up and down to the songs. I am so tired! The music was SUPER loud and even now my ears are still ringing. But I’m glad we went because it was our only chance to go to the eighth grade dance. It was our first school dance, and I may go to more, but I don’t know how different the high school dances are from the middle school ones. They can’t be that different, right? I don’t know. We’ll see when the time comes.


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