Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, book 1) by Marissa Meyer

Cinder by Marissa Meyer, photo from Good Reads

Cinder by Marissa Meyer, photo from Good Reads

Five Stars

Cinder is a cyborg and a renowned mechanic in New Beijing. When handsome Prince Kai comes to her to fix his personal android and jokes that it’s a matter of national security, Cinder suspects it might not be a joke. There is a terrible plague running through New Beijing which was brought to earth by Lunars, people living on the moon. Due to a tragic circumstance, Adri, Cinder’s step-mother, sends her to the palace doctor to be a test subject for any antidotes that Dr. Erland comes up with. The problem is . . . no one has survived these tests. She meets the doctor and finds out her past is more complicated than she originally thought.

Meanwhile, Prince Kai’s father, the emperor, dies of the plague and Lunar Queen Levana comes to earth to discuss a marriage alliance with Kai, but he’s totally against it. Then, Levana gives Kai a small dose of the antidote to experiment on and Kai feels obliged to marry her, even though he knows it’s wrong. But Cinder is determined to stop him.

This book puts a futuristic twist on the classic tale Cinderella. It’s great for teens and adults and has some funny parts in it. My mom and I really enjoyed this book. This author was introduced to me by my friend, who just so happens to be related to Marissa Meyer. I’m so glad she recommended this book. It’s one of my favorites.

Cinder is the first book in this tetralogy(four-book series). The second is titled Scarlet. The third and fourth books aren’t out yet and are called Cress and Winter.


7 thoughts on “Cinder by Marissa Meyer

  1. Oh I love Cinder! It’s a great (sort of dystopian) twist on Cinderella. I can’t wait until the next books come out!

  2. I actually started this book today, and I’m totally loving it! 😀 Like your honest reviews 😀 but It would be extra eye catching if you had the book cover and probably a rating (1 to 5 stars or object, tumbs up or down, or dice rate) 😀 Cute blog 😀

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