What I Do On A Sick Day

I haven’t been feeling really well, lately. 😦 First a sore throat, then a runny nose and an uncomfortable cough. Most annoying things ever. So . . . what do I do when I don’t feel good? I lay on the couch all day watching sci-fi movies. Call me a geek if you want to. I don’t watch movies too often; mostly I’m writing or reading. 🙂 But, it’s pretty much impossible for me to concentrate on my writing when my brain is fuzzy, and I just couldn’t find the right book to read out of my collection of over 80 books. Isn’t that sad? I was really in the mood for Cinder, but unfortunately, I don’t own it. (For the record, I’m so planning on buying it)

First Day, a.k.a. Yesterday

Annnyywaayy, I watched the newer Star Wars trilogy. AWESOME. I watched Star Wars back to back all afternoon (I did my homeschool in the morning). But when I finished the newer trilogy, I looked for the older trilogy and . . . no luck. Don’t have it. Unacceptable. So, I gave up hope on those, but I still plan on watching them at some point. They’re super awesome. Sorry, I use a lot of the same adjectives when my brain isn’t functioning properly. 🙂

So after I dropped the Star Wars movies, I turned to Marvel. I watched the first few minutes of Thor, but I wasn’t in the mood. Don’t get me wrong. Thor is a great movie. I just didn’t feel like it. To be truthful, all I really wanted was Star Wars. And when I really want one thing, it’s very hard to satisfy me with something else. But, it was getting late (like around midnight) and I put in The Avengers. I got about halfway through, to the part where Dr. Banner has his little accident and almost kills Agent Romanoff (at least, I think that’s halfway). And I fell asleep. How many girls do you know that watch sci-fi and Marvel when she’s sick? Thought so.

Next Day, a.k.a. Today

In our family, we sleep on the couch downstairs when we’re sick. Don’t ask why. It’s just more comfortable. And it’s relaxing to fall asleep to a good movie. I wish I had a TV in my room. I finished Avengers and got into the Marvel mood again. I watched Captain America. Then I watched The Hunger Games. I read the books last year around the time the movie came out in theaters. I’m not a HUGE fan, but there wasn’t really anything else. My mom got Parental Guidance from Redbox last night, and we watched that afterwards. It’s a little inappropriate in the beginning and kinda weird, but it’s actually pretty funny.

My “illness/sickness” actually came on really sudden, and it couldn’t have been worse timing. I’m getting to a part in the book I’m writing that I absolutely love, and I can’t even concentrate enough to finish the scene. So frustrating. And . . . the weather is SUPER NICE right now!! First day of sun in weeks and I get sick now? Not cool. I’d like to be out on the deck reading or writing, but I’m stuck on the couch watching movies.

I’m recording the first Iron Man right now. Watching The Avengers totally re-jumpstarted my craving of Marvel. And I owe it all to getting sick. Thank you, viruses! Not really.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to these last few days. I plan to write up a post on Great Wolf Lodge, which I went to last weekend. I would’ve earlier, but my mom lost my camera so I couldn’t download them onto my laptop. But, she just found it, like just a few seconds ago, so I’ll work on that post when I feel better. In honor of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, Adios!


3 thoughts on “What I Do On A Sick Day

  1. Ugh I can’t stand getting sick. :p I hope you feel better!! If you’re in the mood for Marvel, see Iron Man 3 – it’s awesome!! Have you tried sleeping with an ice pack wrapped in a towel? It always helps me if I get too hot.

    • I can’t believe you watched Iron Man 3 without me! What kind of friend are you?? JK! I loved the ice pack idea!! It felt SO good!!! Wish I had known that last night. 😛

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