Meeting Marissa Meyer

Four words: I MET MARISSA MEYER!!!!


Marissa Meyer

Recently, Marissa went to a book signing at our local Costco. I said in my Cinder post that one of my friends is related to MM. She and her mom went with me, along with my friend K. We got there about half an hour to fifteen minutes early to get a good place in line. What do you know? There’s NO line! It was AWESOME!! Since we were the only ones there, and my friend and her mom knew her, we all got to talk to her for like an hour. Amazing. We got to converse with one of our most favorite authors ever! It was almost surreal. Since my friends and I are all writers, we got to talk to her about that and ask advice. She told us all kinds of stuff about the writing business.

Occasionally, people would come by and see her there. Maybe they read the books, but, of course, they don’t have it with them. So, they just bought another copy and got it signed! I would do that in a heartbeat. Some people, who hadn’t heard of the series, would buy Cinder to try it out, and we would start telling them how awesome the books are. Eventually, they would come back and buy the second book Scarlet. It was so much fun because Marissa called us her fan club! She’s SUCH a nice woman and so funny. She even gave us pins.

Pins from Marissa

Pins from Marissa

I bought two copies of Cinder (one for my friend) and one copy of Scarlet for me at a bookstore. But, Scarlet was just SO expensive! And Costco had the same books in hardcover for a much better price, so I just bought them again there. I returned Scarlet because K paid me back for Cinder, and I sent a signed copy of Cinder to my friend who just recently moved away. She hasn’t read it yet and I thought it would be cool to send her a signed copy. I’m sweet that way.

It was SO much fun meeting Marissa Meyer! I would really like to see her again if I get the chance. Also, I went to a Veronica Roth book signing back in March. It turns out that MM was there, too! I had no idea! I was just reading Cinder for the first time, then. 🙂 When I went to the VR book signing I got Divergent and Insurgent signed. This book signing I got Cinder and Scarlet signed. I have four signed books! And they’re, like, some of my most favorite books in the world! Now, I just need to get Rick Riordan to come out here . . .

MM Poster

Signing Poster


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