Veronica Roth Book Signing

Back in March, Veronica Roth (author of Divergent trilogy) had a book discussion and signing close to me. My mom was the hero of the day because she drove me and my friend almost four hours round-trip to get there. There was a panel of six authors there, all of them friends. My friends and I think it would be SO cool to do a group book discussion and signing together when we get published.

We got there early and were in a pretty good spot in line. When it was finally time, we all went into a room where the six authors were sitting in front. They introduced themselves and their books and took questions. We learned a lot about the publication process and querying agents. I couldn’t really get a good shot of Veronica 😦 but my mom got a picture. Or maybe it was K? SOMEONE got a pic for me.VR 2Unfortunately, the authors weren’t allowing personal pictures with the fans. There were just WAY too many people. Most were in line for VR, but a couple of the authors’ debut books haven’t come out yet.

This is the same book signing that I said Marissa Meyer had been to. That was a surprise when I found out she had gone too. I was just reading Cinder for the first time during this signing, so that would have been AMAZING to see her. I don’t know if I would’ve recognized her, though. I guess the timing just wasn’t right. At least I got to meet her anyway.

I was shaking so hard after I left the library. It was my very first book signing ever and it was one of my favorite authors! SO COOL! K and I were SUPER giddy afterwards. The discussion really lifted our inspiration for writing. K and I came up with some great ideas for the novels we’re writing. And . . . I absolutely CANNOT wait for Allegiant!!

The authors that were there: (I haven’t read any of the other authors’ books. Only Divergent and Insurgent.)

Veronica Roth: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant (October 2013)

Necklace from Phoebe North

Necklace from Phoebe North

Kristen Halbrook: Nobody But Us

Kirsten Hubbard: Wanderlove, Like Mandarin

Phoebe North: Starglass (July 2013) She gave us each a necklace. So nice of her.

Kody Keplinger: A Midsummer’s Nightmare, Shut Out, The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)


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