Graduation Party

About a week ago, the moms of my homeschool group hosted a graduation party. We have a few 8th graders (me included) and it started out as celebrating our migration to high school grades. But, the oldest in the group is graduating high school this year, so they thought we could celebrate that, too. Then, there are the younger kids who are graduating to the next grade. So, they just decided to celebrate everyone’s graduation.

About a week before the party, I had no idea about it. It was supposed to be a surprise, sort of. My mom didn’t tell the others that it was supposed to be a surprise, so my friend asked me something about the party. My dad had slipped a little a few days earlier and I knew my mom was being secretive, so I had a pretty good idea of what was going on. K just confirmed it for me. It was really funny because she was emailing me about the party, and she wasn’t really supposed to know about it. My mom was next to me so I told her that we should have a graduation party. She kind of just stared at me for a second then started whispering to my dad, asking if he said anything to me. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I cracked up. Then, I had to tell her that K had confirmed it. It was so funny, though.

It was hosted at my house, and, man, was it chaotic. Super fun, though. Our homeschool group has been slowly breaking apart lately. It was so much fun to have everyone together again. The boys in the group are hilarious. We laughed so much! Everyone brought food so we had tons to eat. My mom, my friend J, and I made lumpia, which is our favorite Filipino finger-food. The link there is for a picture and recipe on my mom’s website. 🙂

Another mom brought beef stew, and, being a meat-and-potatoes girl, I absolutely LOVED it!! She promised to give us the recipe. I was prepared to beg on my knees for it. J and her mom brought a chocolate fountain. It was delicious!! We caught one of the 8th grade boys stuffing his face with chocolate covered goodies. We had a good laugh over that.


My friends and I are obsessed with 80’s music, but my brother can’t stand it. So, at the party all of the kids hung out on the deck listening to music on my phone. I tried to put it on Journey, but my brother kept changing it. Yeah, we get into quite a few arguments over music. I can’t wait till I can drive, so I can control the radio. My brother’s dreading the day. 🙂

We had a mock graduation ceremony. The moms made up these diplomas that say we’ve graduated to the next grade. They also each contributed a gift of $5 or less for the goodie bags. We totally scored on gift cards and candy. K’s mom got us each a movie ticket for whatever movie we want to watch along with a bag of microwave popcorn and a box of candy. I got a Barnes and Noble, Emerald City Smoothie, and a Half-Price Books gift card. I got a really cool book light from BN. I haven’t used the movie ticket or any of the other gift cards yet. But, I’m looking forward to it!

My dad set up his photography studio and took pictures of all of us. He took a shot of us four 8th graders together and that’s cool. He also took pictures of the whole group together; I think we have about 12 kids. We had graduation caps, leis, and big sunglasses for everyone. It was actually really funny.

K and J stayed the night and we had a writing-themed sleepover. We wrote more in our books and wrote short stories (while singing along to 80’s music, I might add). My parents cracked up whenever we simultaneously started singing Journey or Bon Jovi together.

Anyway, it was an AMAZING party!! It was fun to have everyone together again and we laughed so much. Can’t wait till next year’s party!


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