Tim Hawkins-Christian Comedian

My aunt introduced me and my family to Tim Hawkins’ YouTube videos last year. Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian and he is absolutely hilarious. He does songs and parodies, but he also has little anecdotes and just random jokes. Sometimes he tries a little too hard to be funny and it doesn’t really work, but he has some REALLY funny stuff. It’s all on YouTube.

This is one of my favorites of his videos

Tim was homeschooled, and he homeschools his own kids, so he makes a lot of homeschool jokes. Being homeschooled myself, I find them incredibly funny.

Parody of “The Addams Family”

A couple weeks ago, I had a friend over for a sleepover and we spent HOURS watching Tim Hawkins videos. We laughed so hard our stomachs had a workout! Man, it was fun. He has a lot of parodies, most of them are absolutely hilarious. You can even buy some of his stuff on iTunes. I bought this song, “Pretty Pink Tractor”.

Anyway, I encourage anyone looking for a good laugh to check out his videos. Here’s a list (links) of some ones I like. Hope you enjoy!

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy

Mexican Food (Watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy FIRST and this one will make more sense)

Cletus Take the Reel


Cracker Barrel

Hey There, Delilah

Noah’s Ark


My Recent 80s Addiction

Okay, I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed. But I’m definitely addicted. I just have to say it, I LOVE 80’S MUSIC!

My brother thinks I’m crazy and can’t stand when I listen to it, and my parents think it’s cute and funny that I can sing along to the songs they loved as kids. Right now, Pandora is my best friend. Because if I didn’t have it, I’d be wracking up my iTunes bill, and that’s not something I really want to do. I only have a few jobs from my neighbors and the rest of my money is made doing dishes and scooping the kitties’ litter boxes. Whenever my friends come over, we listen to Pandora while we read or write. Yep, at my sleepovers, we always bring our laptops and books. It’s quality bonding time. We like to know what each other’s reading. And we all like to get constructive criticism on our writing. Anyway, off topic . . .

My friend K kept pestering me about it. She loves 80’s music—lucky her, her family doesn’t mind when she plays it—and kept talking about her favorite songs when we hung out. Finally, I just had to know what all of her fuss what about. So, when we were repainting my room back earlier this year, we put 80’s Pop into Pandora. Separate Ways from Journey came on and I fell in love. I always liked Journey, the only song I knew of was Don’t Stop Believin’, which I think everyone should have heard at least once in his or her life.

I’m not into EVERY 80’s band, mind you, but I do have quite a few that I completely LOVE! My absolute favorite band is Journey. I just love Steve Perry’s voice. It moves me. My favorite song from them is Separate Ways (could you guess?) in case anyone was interested in that little tidbit of info about me. You’re probably not, but when I become a famous author, y’all will feel privileged to know that :). Anyway, I also like Queen (Another One Bites the Dust), Bon Jovi (You Give Love A Bad Name), Billy Joel (Uptown Girl), Foreigner (Feels Like the First Time), Survivor (Eye of the Tiger, duh) . . . you know, stuff like that.

And it’s not just music. I’ve just finished watching the Rocky series—and yes, I bought the whole set with an extra bonus DVD—except for Rocky V because apparently that one is inappropriate for my sensitive eyes. I have to say, Rock IV has to be my favorite. It’s my dad’s favorite, too. I just think the soundtrack of that movie is the very best. I was really devastated when that one tragedy happened in the beginning. I won’t say, in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet. 🙂 I also really like the first movie. Rocky is really funny in that one when he keeps rambling on pointlessly. Sylvester Stallone just really brings the character to life! I mean, he wrote it after all.

My friends and I are also really into Dukes of Hazzard. I know, I know, the Dukes were in the 70’s, too, but who cares? My friend that moved away sent me the first and fourth seasons for my fourteenth birthday. So sweet!

My dad has been trying to get me to watch Top Gun, but I’m skeptical about it. He also wants to get me into Rambo, but I’m even more skeptical about that one. Even though he took us to this place in Canada where one of the scenes were shot a long time ago.

In conclusion, I’m just waiting till I can drive so I can have control over the radio. 🙂 My brother is dreading the day . . .

The Charmed Life series by Jenny B. Jones

The Charmed Life series by Jenny B. Jones

Book 1 picture from Amazon

Book 1 picture from Amazon

So Not Happening (book 1)

Bella Kirkwood has just moved from being a rich pop in Manhattan to an average highschooler in Truman, Oklahoma. Leaving her boyfriend Hunter behind, she is miserable. She immediately notices something suspicious with her new stepdad and does everything she can to uncover his secrets. Meanwhile, at the high school, Bella is assigned to journalism with the school newspaper. The editor-in-chief, Luke Sullivan, is the most annoying guy she’s met and makes her do the grossest things for a story. While in one of those nasty places, she overhears some football players talking suspiciously. With the help of Luke, she uncovers more of this football mystery. But when she gets caught at gunpoint will Luke save her in time?

Book 2 picture from Amazon

Book 2 picture from Amazon

I’m So Sure (book 2)

Getting used to her new life in Oklahoma, Bella finds herself in a sorta-friend/sorta-more-than-friend relationship with Luke Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. Bella’s wrestling stepdad has signed the family up for a reality TV wrestling competition. She just can’t shake those meddling cameramen. Prom at the high school is coming up and all of the prom queen candidates have been attacked in some way. Who’s the culprit? It’s up to Bella and Luke to find out, but will they ever sort out their feelings for each other?

51Arfip4Z7L__SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_So Over My Head (book 3)

The carnival has come to town! And Bella and Luke are the reporters on the job. Problem is . . . so is Luke’s ex-girlfriend Ashley, who is trying to take Luke back, much to Bella’s severe annoyance. When Bella finds a dead woman in her trailer, the fight is on to find the murderer before he or she hurts anyone else. But is the killer really the one everyone thinks it is? Back in Manhattan, Bella’s dad is about to marry a woman that Bella has reason to believe very suspicious. But her father is so head over heels for her that he doesn’t listen to Bella’s judgment. Can she stop the wedding on time and escape the claws of the true murderer? Will Luke come to her rescue?

Okay, what can I say about this series. IT TOTALLY ROCKS!! I love these books. They’re Christian and mysteries, which was a pleasant surprise. My mom read these first and didn’t tell me anything about them. I have to say it, they also have some romance, which I find cute and funny. Most books these days have very stubborn characters. Readers want their favorite characters to have a back bone, I get it. But I just can’t stand when a girl repeatedly rejects the guy she wants to be with because of pride. My, word! But, because these books are just so good, I have to overlook it. They’re really funny, too. I laughed a lot, my friend laughed a lot, and my mom laughed a lot. I think that’s enough proof.

I give this series 5 stars. Actually, I give it 15 stars because it has three books and 5 stars just doesn’t seem like enough. I think I like the first one best because I like that mystery. But it’s a hard call.                                                                          Five StarsFive StarsFive Stars

The Age of Technology by K. B. Glenn

The Age of Technology by K. B. Glenn

The Age of Technology by K. B. Glenn

The Age of Technology by K. B. Glenn photo from Amazon (you have to go to the website to “look inside”)

Big news! One of my best friends self published a book! She wrote this for National Novel Writing Month in November 2012. Using the Young Writer’s Program, she received five free paperback copies of her book from Amazon. It’s also available for anyone to purchase on Amazon.

In the journal of Joseph Burke, he wrote the story of how he tried to make a difference in people’s lives and how he met his wife. Joe was a bus driver in Seattle. He had absolutely no technology in his house. He typed with a typewriter and read the newspaper instead of watching the news on TV. When his boss notifies him that the buses will be equipped with security cameras and navigation systems, Joe thinks them to be unnecessary and plans to do something about it. When he meets Ashlynn, a journalist for the local newspaper, he finds that she believes the same things he does. Soon, technology is taking over and the newspaper is transferring online, firing several people. What will Joe and Ashlynn do to fix this techno-mania?

I don’t usually read this kind of genre, but I found this book very inspirational and touching, especially because it’s more of a Christian book. I started getting teary-eyed at the end. Honestly, I didn’t know K could put this much meaning into a book! I was pleasantly surprised. 🙂 This book does a have few funny parts. K is a VERY funny person! I really love this book! And guess what . . . I got it signed!! 🙂 I have FIVE signed books now!! Lovin’ it!

Her author name is K. B. Glenn because she believes a lot of AMAZING authors use that form. J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, J. M. Barrie, etc. All great authors!

We’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month. It’s like the regular NaNoWriMo (Man, I don’t like typing that out) but in July! My goal is 45,000 words, but I may bump it up to 50,000. Wish me luck!