The Age of Technology by K. B. Glenn

The Age of Technology by K. B. Glenn

The Age of Technology by K. B. Glenn

The Age of Technology by K. B. Glenn photo from Amazon (you have to go to the website to “look inside”)

Big news! One of my best friends self published a book! She wrote this for National Novel Writing Month in November 2012. Using the Young Writer’s Program, she received five free paperback copies of her book from Amazon. It’s also available for anyone to purchase on Amazon.

In the journal of Joseph Burke, he wrote the story of how he tried to make a difference in people’s lives and how he met his wife. Joe was a bus driver in Seattle. He had absolutely no technology in his house. He typed with a typewriter and read the newspaper instead of watching the news on TV. When his boss notifies him that the buses will be equipped with security cameras and navigation systems, Joe thinks them to be unnecessary and plans to do something about it. When he meets Ashlynn, a journalist for the local newspaper, he finds that she believes the same things he does. Soon, technology is taking over and the newspaper is transferring online, firing several people. What will Joe and Ashlynn do to fix this techno-mania?

I don’t usually read this kind of genre, but I found this book very inspirational and touching, especially because it’s more of a Christian book. I started getting teary-eyed at the end. Honestly, I didn’t know K could put this much meaning into a book! I was pleasantly surprised. 🙂 This book does a have few funny parts. K is a VERY funny person! I really love this book! And guess what . . . I got it signed!! 🙂 I have FIVE signed books now!! Lovin’ it!

Her author name is K. B. Glenn because she believes a lot of AMAZING authors use that form. J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, J. M. Barrie, etc. All great authors!

We’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month. It’s like the regular NaNoWriMo (Man, I don’t like typing that out) but in July! My goal is 45,000 words, but I may bump it up to 50,000. Wish me luck!


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