Tim Hawkins-Christian Comedian

My aunt introduced me and my family to Tim Hawkins’ YouTube videos last year. Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian and he is absolutely hilarious. He does songs and parodies, but he also has little anecdotes and just random jokes. Sometimes he tries a little too hard to be funny and it doesn’t really work, but he has some REALLY funny stuff. It’s all on YouTube.

This is one of my favorites of his videos

Tim was homeschooled, and he homeschools his own kids, so he makes a lot of homeschool jokes. Being homeschooled myself, I find them incredibly funny.

Parody of “The Addams Family”

A couple weeks ago, I had a friend over for a sleepover and we spent HOURS watching Tim Hawkins videos. We laughed so hard our stomachs had a workout! Man, it was fun. He has a lot of parodies, most of them are absolutely hilarious. You can even buy some of his stuff on iTunes. I bought this song, “Pretty Pink Tractor”.

Anyway, I encourage anyone looking for a good laugh to check out his videos. Here’s a list (links) of some ones I like. Hope you enjoy!

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy

Mexican Food (Watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy FIRST and this one will make more sense)

Cletus Take the Reel


Cracker Barrel

Hey There, Delilah

Noah’s Ark


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