Undeniably Adorkable

Earlier in the year, like February, my friend’s mom got a coupon for an ice cream themed nail salon. She invited me and another friend to go for her birthday, but the salon was booked. It’s pretty hard to get into. But, we finally made an appointment and just had our nails done the other day. I got a pretty purplish-blue on my fingernails with a red on my ring fingers. On my toes I got a pewter looking color that I really like. All three colors are really shiny and shimmery, which I like a lot :). K got dark, dark purple–pretty much black–on her fingers and toes, mostly just to see her parents’ reactions. She doesn’t really wear nail polish much. J got something of a sage green on her fingers and a pale, iridescent blue on her toes. Nails (August 20, 2013)The nail salon, Sweet Feet, is a really nice and clean salon. They use big bowls to put our feet in instead of machines, which is healthier. Machines can gather bacteria. The ladies were really friendly and we overall had a great time! They have ice cream scented fizzy things that you put in the water bowls, but we didn’t have enough time to do that unfortunately. Next time!

Impromptu sleepovers are so much fun, don’t you think? Well, that’s what we did. Originally, it was just a day out to get our nails done, but then, we decided we’d like to have a sleepover. Yeah, it was Tuesday, and I’m doing school, but my friends haven’t started yet and I just had to go home early.

I don’t know if I’ve said this already, but I absolutely LOVE Lord of the Rings. I had to read The Hobbit for school a couple years ago, and I fell in love with it. I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and loved it even more. Needless to say, I CANNOT wait for The Desolation of Smaug to come out in December. Fortunately, my friends are also into LOTR. You’d be surprised just how much we have in common. And they’re mostly really geeky things. We call ourselves adorkable. Adorable dorks. 🙂

Anyway, that night we were doing three things that most teenagers probably wouldn’t do. 1) Singing along to our favorite 80s songs at the top of our lungs. (e.g. Jessie’s Girl, 867-5309/Jenny, You Give Love A Bad Name, etc.) 2) Eating hummus with bell peppers. I love hummus!! 3) Writing Elvish. Yep. That’s why I mentioned Lord of the Rings earlier. My friends taught me how to write LOTR Elvish. It’s actually REALLY fun to write. And very pretty. I’m a pretty fast learner, and I pick things up quickly, so I don’t even need my reference sheet anymore!

We also baked Elven lembas bread. There are recipes for it all over the internet. Unfortunately, one bite DOESN’T fill a man’s stomach, but they taste good all the same! Here’s the link for the recipe we used. Delicious! http://lotrscrapbook.bookloaf.net/other/recipes.html#lembasII But I think I’m going to do some more searching and try out some more lembas bread recipes. There are tons! Man, I’m really in the mood to watch Lord of the Rings now.

Adorkable, right?

How’s that for a random story! This is the pride and joy of my Random category.

P.S. Peace Child, the book I have to read for school, is steadily getting better. And apart from school, I’m currently reading Emma by Jane Austen. I LOVE Austen’s writing. Sure, it’s super complicated, I only  understand half of it, but she writes really good stories. I love Pride and Prejudice, too.


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