Doctor Who Celebration

Saturday, November 23, 2013.

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

How do I choose to spend it?

Go to a Doctor Who celebration. And boy, was it crowded!! Seriously, the things my parents do for us. We arrived at around 6:45pm, and stood in line outside until we finally got through the doors at 8 o’clock. And yes, it was cold. Luckily it wasn’t raining, though. That would’ve been miserable.  Also, lots of people were dressed up. You would not believe how many bowties, trench coats, and multi-colored scarves were in the same building. But looking at all the costumes kind of kept us entertained for an hour. Plus, a little boy was playing his violin not far away from the line. He was actually really good! And he played the Harry Potter theme song!!! Kudos for the violin kid.

The EMP had lots of activities, but sadly that also means super long lines. We spent the majority of our time in lines. There was this one table hosted by Geeky Girl Con. My friend and I played a Doctor Who theme Guess Who game and unfortunately for me, I lost. But then I played again against my brother and won that game. My prize was a button pin with a TARDIS on it. I’ve started a bit of a button pin collection since I got those two from Marissa Meyer. So far, I’ve gotten three Lunar Chronicles pins, a geek pin, a S.P.Q.R. Camp Jupiter pin, and the TARDIS pin. I need to find a place to put them all together besides my bookshelf. Any suggestions?

One of the activities that we didn’t do, but I wish we had, was a picture with a TARDIS. They had a rack of costume props that people put on and stood in front of the TARDIS in funny poses. You can imagine the size of the line for that one. We also got to vote for our favorite Doctor and companion. I chose 10 and Rose. Huge Tennant fan, but Smith and Eccleston are pretty good, too. I have yet to watch the old series.Dalek

A really cool part of the event was a life-size, remote controlled Dalek that . . . rolled . . . around the room. I thought that was pretty awesome. I heard a lot of people oohing.

Overall, there were a lot of lines, tons of geeks, and several bowties.

Button Pin Collection

Button Pin Collection

Dalek in the Icons of Science Fiction exhibit




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