Swing Dance and Social

My co-op hosted a swing dance and social for the high schoolers a little while back. And boy, did I have a GREAT time!! I’d never learned how to swing, so they had instructors teaching us for the first half hour. We all were in a big circle with the teachers in the middle. Swing dancing is a lot of stepping, and it takes a few tries to get the rhythm at first, but once I got it, I was on a roll!! Then, of course, they add the twirling and it gets a whole lot more complicated. But I pulled through. And had a great time.

I danced with several guys while we were learning because every few minutes, we’d switch partners and learn a new dance move. It was a bit awkward dancing with a guy that’s two heads taller than I am. But it was okay because I knew him. After we all had the hang of the steps and twirls, they let us free swing. I was . . . very flattered when people asked me to dance. At least it’s not like waltzing when you’re really close. It’s just swing, where we’re at friend distance. Still, my dad wasn’t particularly pleased that I was dancing with boys, but come on. You have to expect it when your daughter goes to a dance. Though, I didn’t dance with any guys at my 8th grade dance. But then again, I knew absolutely NO ONE there. I knew many more people at this swing dance.

After we finished dancing, we played “minute to win it” games. We didn’t actually “win” anything, but I was the only person in my team of ten to win an event! After that, they turned the lights out and gave us glow bracelets. Then we did the Macarena and Electric Slide until it was time to go. I was pumped with adrenaline when I left! I probably burned a few hundred calories. My dad was laughing at me because I was so hyper on the way home.

But really, I had a FANTASTIC time at the swing-social. I had lots of friends there, I got some exercise, and I learned how to swing! Don’t really know when I’ll use that skill, but I’m sure a time will come when I’ll have to swing for my life and I’ll live because I knew how!

Also a note for those girls out there who want to swing: DON’T where flats when swing dancing. I did and I tripped over my shoes a couple times when my feet slipped out.


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