Cress Launch Party

I absolutely love having a friend that’s related to my favorite author. And I love my friend, too. 🙂 Last year at Costco, my friends and I met the wonderful Marissa Meyer. She signed our books and we talked to her for over an hour! Story here.

Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series, just came out Tuesday and we all got to celebrate at the launch party!! The first part was live streamed for all those fans that couldn’t be there in person. Marissa told the original Grimm Rapunzel fairy tale (because Cress is based on Rapunzel), and a couple of her good friends performed a few songs with their acoustic guitars. [I’d like to add that we were sitting in the front row and she gave us two thumbs up when she came out on the stage. 🙂 ]

They had a costume contest, which I wasn’t going to participate in because I didn’t wear a costume. Things turned out a little differently than I thought they would. Here’s my mom’s interpretation of it. She may have thought I was silly for going out on the stage without a costume, but I had my reasons! Don’t we always? Here’s what happened: There were a couple people handing out agreement contracts for parents of minors entering in the contest. Since it was live streamed, parents had to know that their kids were going to be on the Web. I told them that I wasn’t going to do it, but my mom filled one out before she told me. J had made the three of us red capes to wear and my mom thought I’d go as Scarlet, but previously, my friends had already claimed Scarlet and Cress (and dressed for the parts), so I couldn’t go as Little Red. My mom had written “Scarlet” on the top of the page where everyone wrote which character they’d be going as. I crossed that out and wrote “All 3 main characters.” Don’t ask me why–I was kind of a mix, I guess. Then, I thought better of it and crossed that out, too. With my limited amount of writing space, I wrote “Cinder.” My friends and I were laughing that I couldn’t make up my mind, so then I wrote “Having an identity crisis. :p ” on the side.  I hope Marissa appreciated it. 😉 See, Mom! I had a reason!

Anyway, I didn’t win–surprise! One man dressed up as the 12th Doctor though, and that was really funny. He said we could get a picture with him later, but we didn’t get a chance. Poor him.

At the after party, Marissa was signing books. When we came up to her table, she said that she loved seeing us in the front row. Totally made my day! And, of course, we took another picture with her for the sake of it. We also grabbed a new pin each. I got a pin that says “Kai is my Prince Charming” and J got one that says “Thorne is my captain,” which was so cute!! Plus, I received a couple participation pins from the contest, so I have three new pins to add to my collection! I still don’t have a place for them. They’re sitting on my bookshelf.

Since the Lunar Chronicles is mostly set in New Beijing, they had Asian food to eat there. Laid out on a table, there were veggie potstickers, shrimp dumplings, which were surprisingly really good for someone who doesn’t like shrimp, and BBQ pork. I liked the potstickers and dumplings, but I’m not a huge pork fan.

I had a great time with my friends Tuesday!!! I haven’t finished Cress yet, (I know, shocker!) but I’m well on my way! I plowed through my homeschool today so I could spend the rest of the day reading. I haven’t even finished Cress and I can’t wait to read Winter, which should be coming out in about a year. Ugh. Good news, though! Cinder is on it’s way to the big screen! Sort of. . . . The script is finished at least.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to reading. I can’t write a review until I’ve finished it. 🙂 So far it’s absolutely fantastic!


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