Defensive Driving School

Last Thursday was my last day of the classroom portion of driver’s ed! My best friend and I went through 30 hours of classroom time in four weeks. It was very vigorous; but I completely enjoyed it. I recommend Defensive Driving School to anyone who can get their hands on it. They’ve got a fun workbook with lots of different pictures and illustrations. Not just some old textbook or slide show where you have to take notes on every little thing. The instructor we had is A-MAZING!! He is super funny with tons of jokes and he’s Christian, which made it all the better. Not that all of the instructors are, though.

The first day of class, we missed. My mom failed to tell me which driving school she enrolled us in, so when she asked me to look it up for directions, we ended up going to the wrong school. What I don’t get is why there are two driving schools that start at the same time on the same day in the same city!! Yeah. We attended the whole first day of another driving school before we realized the mistake. It was actually really funny now that we think about it. At least we can laugh at ourselves without losing our dignity. So my mom called the driving school that we were actually enrolled in, and we had to do a make up day. We had originally planned to meet some friends at the movie theater that evening, but instead we had to go to driving school for the second time that day. Then we had to go again the next morning for our “second” session.

Anyway, the instructor was cool about it. He thought it was really funny that we went to the wrong school.

On the last day, we had our final test. You have to get 80% to pass and there are 50 questions. Before he passed back the results, he announced that only once, in the past three years that he’s been there, have two students gotten 100%. And it has just happened again. He didn’t say who aced the test, he just began handing back the results, while everyone was waiting in agony to see if they were the ones. When he had two more test papers to hand back, he stood in the front of the class and announced that the two people were me and my best friend. Yep. You read that right. We, the only two homeschoolers in the class, got 100% on our final tests!! And for that, we received two $5 McDonald’s gift cards. That’s enough for fries and a milkshake. Yummy!

I’ve only been on three driving lessons out of six so far, but every time, my instructor has been really impressed and surprised that I do so well. It definitely boosts my confidence. So far my lessons have been curves, parallel parking, left turns at intersections, and lane changes. Next on the list is driving on the freeway! Which I’ve already done a lot of, so it should be pretty easy.


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