DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

This year so far has been busy! But this post isn’t about all the schoolwork I’ve been doing these past several months. It’s about an ugly Christmas sweater!

This year, the BASIC Christmas Party is going to be holding an Ugly Sweater Contest. It’s going to be so much fun. Sooo, being on the BASIC Board this year, I decided to go all out with my sweater. I’ve never owned an ugly sweater so this is a new one for me. Here is my finished product, and I’ll tell you how I got there:

How crazy does this look?!

How crazy does this look?!

The “Ho Ho Ho!” got a little messed up because my fingers kept smudging the paint. 😛

Materials: (I bought everything except the sweater, hot glue gun and scissors at Michael’s. Already had all of those)

  • A sweater or cardigan (You can get a really cheap on at a thrift store)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Felt sheets — White, Black, Red, Brown, and Tan
  • Bag of loose pompom balls — Multi-colored, Multi-sized
  • String of pompom balls — bright green
  • Green fabric paint
  • Red Sharpie
  • Red pipe cleaner (I used the glittery red kind)
  • Small jingle bells

Look how neat my “Ho Ho Ho!” looks here! Until I came along and messed it up.



  1. Lay sweater on flat surface
  2. Cut out the shape of a Christmas stocking in the red felt
  3. Glue white pompom balls along the top
  4. Write “Ho Ho Ho!” on the stocking with the green paint
  5. Cut out candy cane shapes with the white felt and use the red Sharpie to draw the stripes
  6. Glue the candy canes along the top of the stocking and set aside to let the paint dry
  7. Cut out a reindeer-head shape in the brown felt (mostly just a triangle with soft corners)
  8. Cut out ovals in the white felt and little circles in the black felt
  9. Glue the black circles onto the ovals and the ovals onto the reindeer head for eyes
  10. Cut out a larger oval out of the tan felt and glue it to the reindeer head as a snout
  11. Take a red pompom ball and glue it to the snout for Rudolph’s nose
  12. Cut out antlers from the tan felt and glue them to the reindeer head (I forgot to glue on the antlers so I’ll be doing that at some point before the party 🙂 )
  13. Take the red pipe cleaner and run 5 jingle bells through it
  14. Bend the pipe cleaner into a “collar” and glue it under the reindeer’s head (It’s so much fun to jingle around when you walk)
  15. Glue the stocking and the reindeer onto the sweater
  16. Take the string of green pompom balls and glue a piece of it on the collar of the sweater. Do the same with the sleeve cuffs.
  17. With the leftover pompom string, cut out individual pompoms and glue a few randomly around the sweater. Same with the multi-colored packet. (I put a few pompoms on the back sporadically just for fun)
  18. Take some of the smaller multi-colored pompom balls and glue them between the buttons on the front of the sweater (If you have buttons)
  19. I also put some large pompom balls on the elbows of my sweater
  20. All done!

I originally got the idea from this website:   It’s got more pictures so it’s easier to visualize. I just spruced it up a little with my own flair to make it even crazier!

I hope this helped with all of you out there who want to make an ugly Christmas sweater! 😉

Also, I had an extra pipe cleaner with jingle bells so I put it around my cat’s neck. He had NO idea what was making that noise and it was driving him crazy. So I took it off of him. But not before I got a picture!

Isn't he cute?

Isn’t he cute?






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