Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress by Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles book 3)


While Scarlet and Wolf are getting better acquainted with Cinder and Thorne, Cress is a Lunar shell stuck in a satellite orbiting earth. After a rescue attempt goes totally wrong, the whole group is split up with no idea where the others are. Cress and Thorne, stranded in a desert, Cinder, with a Lunar soldier and an unconscious Wolf, and no sign of Scarlet. What’s Wolf going to think when he wakes up? Searching for Dr. Erland, Cinder needs to learn more about her lineage and what she needs to do to claim it. But with the date of Lunar Queen Levana’s marriage to Emperor Kai racing toward them, will they find a way to stop the wedding in time?

Isn’t that a nice cover? I was so excited when she released the cover art for this book.

I read this book in like two days so, if you didn’t gather, I really enjoyed this book. And that’s not just because I waited a whole year for it to come out. 1) It’s nice and long (not that it did me much good). 2) The ending is FANTASTIC (but also a horrible cliff-hanger)! When I met Marissa last year, she said that Cress would have more of Kai in it, and she did not disappoint! The only thing I don’t like about it is that I have to wait an entire year for the next book. Of course, I can wait (it’s not like I really have a choice, anyway); it’ll teach me patience. Maybe I’ll write a bit of fanfic over the summer or something. Or I’ll reread Cress over and over again every few months. Whatever works.

I totally give this book FIVE STARS! Y’all should read it.

Five Stars


Cress Launch Party

I absolutely love having a friend that’s related to my favorite author. And I love my friend, too. 🙂 Last year at Costco, my friends and I met the wonderful Marissa Meyer. She signed our books and we talked to her for over an hour! Story here.

Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series, just came out Tuesday and we all got to celebrate at the launch party!! The first part was live streamed for all those fans that couldn’t be there in person. Marissa told the original Grimm Rapunzel fairy tale (because Cress is based on Rapunzel), and a couple of her good friends performed a few songs with their acoustic guitars. [I’d like to add that we were sitting in the front row and she gave us two thumbs up when she came out on the stage. 🙂 ]

They had a costume contest, which I wasn’t going to participate in because I didn’t wear a costume. Things turned out a little differently than I thought they would. Here’s my mom’s interpretation of it. She may have thought I was silly for going out on the stage without a costume, but I had my reasons! Don’t we always? Here’s what happened: There were a couple people handing out agreement contracts for parents of minors entering in the contest. Since it was live streamed, parents had to know that their kids were going to be on the Web. I told them that I wasn’t going to do it, but my mom filled one out before she told me. J had made the three of us red capes to wear and my mom thought I’d go as Scarlet, but previously, my friends had already claimed Scarlet and Cress (and dressed for the parts), so I couldn’t go as Little Red. My mom had written “Scarlet” on the top of the page where everyone wrote which character they’d be going as. I crossed that out and wrote “All 3 main characters.” Don’t ask me why–I was kind of a mix, I guess. Then, I thought better of it and crossed that out, too. With my limited amount of writing space, I wrote “Cinder.” My friends and I were laughing that I couldn’t make up my mind, so then I wrote “Having an identity crisis. :p ” on the side.  I hope Marissa appreciated it. 😉 See, Mom! I had a reason!

Anyway, I didn’t win–surprise! One man dressed up as the 12th Doctor though, and that was really funny. He said we could get a picture with him later, but we didn’t get a chance. Poor him.

At the after party, Marissa was signing books. When we came up to her table, she said that she loved seeing us in the front row. Totally made my day! And, of course, we took another picture with her for the sake of it. We also grabbed a new pin each. I got a pin that says “Kai is my Prince Charming” and J got one that says “Thorne is my captain,” which was so cute!! Plus, I received a couple participation pins from the contest, so I have three new pins to add to my collection! I still don’t have a place for them. They’re sitting on my bookshelf.

Since the Lunar Chronicles is mostly set in New Beijing, they had Asian food to eat there. Laid out on a table, there were veggie potstickers, shrimp dumplings, which were surprisingly really good for someone who doesn’t like shrimp, and BBQ pork. I liked the potstickers and dumplings, but I’m not a huge pork fan.

I had a great time with my friends Tuesday!!! I haven’t finished Cress yet, (I know, shocker!) but I’m well on my way! I plowed through my homeschool today so I could spend the rest of the day reading. I haven’t even finished Cress and I can’t wait to read Winter, which should be coming out in about a year. Ugh. Good news, though! Cinder is on it’s way to the big screen! Sort of. . . . The script is finished at least.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to reading. I can’t write a review until I’ve finished it. 🙂 So far it’s absolutely fantastic!

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (Book 2 of the Lunar Chronicles series) Sequel to Cinder

Scarlet by Marissa MeyerScarlet Benoit’s grandmother has been missing for weeks and the police are giving up looking. Frustrated, Scarlet enlists the help of a strange street-fighter named Wolf, who may or may not know something about why her grandmother disappeared. Together, they uncover the mystery of her grandmother’s secret life, while trying to find and rescue her. Scarlet’s life is about to drastically change.

Meanwhile, Cinder is in New Beijing awaiting her execution by Queen Levana. With the help of witty “Captain” Carswell Thorne, can she escape and remain undetected by the Commonwealth and the Lunar Queen?

I would’ve written a review for this book like a year ago, but there are so many subplots in this story that I had a hard time writing a review that was short and sweet while not giving anything away. Personally, I can’t really decide if I like this one or Cinder better. They’re both so good! Thorne is hilarious with Cinder, there are so many questions about her lineage answered, plus more details to wonder about for the next book. Thorne reminds me of Flynn Rider from Tangled (and a little bit of Han Solo). And we all know he’s really funny. 🙂 Scarlet is a feisty red-head (I bet you know which fairytale character she is), who knows how to get what she wants. And Wolf, well he’s a shy street-fighter with bright, capturing green eyes. The reason I’m writing this review now is because the next book (Cress) is coming out TOMORROW!!! I’m SO excited!

I realize that this is the first book review I’ve done in a long while, but with my super busy schedule, I haven’t found much time for reading. But last weekend I hunkered down and just read all day both Saturday and Sunday. And I got three books in. I think that’s pretty good, don’t you? So I’ll be writing reviews for the other two books soon. And DEFINITELY a review for Cress when it comes out.

Five Stars

Swing Dance and Social

My co-op hosted a swing dance and social for the high schoolers a little while back. And boy, did I have a GREAT time!! I’d never learned how to swing, so they had instructors teaching us for the first half hour. We all were in a big circle with the teachers in the middle. Swing dancing is a lot of stepping, and it takes a few tries to get the rhythm at first, but once I got it, I was on a roll!! Then, of course, they add the twirling and it gets a whole lot more complicated. But I pulled through. And had a great time.

I danced with several guys while we were learning because every few minutes, we’d switch partners and learn a new dance move. It was a bit awkward dancing with a guy that’s two heads taller than I am. But it was okay because I knew him. After we all had the hang of the steps and twirls, they let us free swing. I was . . . very flattered when people asked me to dance. At least it’s not like waltzing when you’re really close. It’s just swing, where we’re at friend distance. Still, my dad wasn’t particularly pleased that I was dancing with boys, but come on. You have to expect it when your daughter goes to a dance. Though, I didn’t dance with any guys at my 8th grade dance. But then again, I knew absolutely NO ONE there. I knew many more people at this swing dance.

After we finished dancing, we played “minute to win it” games. We didn’t actually “win” anything, but I was the only person in my team of ten to win an event! After that, they turned the lights out and gave us glow bracelets. Then we did the Macarena and Electric Slide until it was time to go. I was pumped with adrenaline when I left! I probably burned a few hundred calories. My dad was laughing at me because I was so hyper on the way home.

But really, I had a FANTASTIC time at the swing-social. I had lots of friends there, I got some exercise, and I learned how to swing! Don’t really know when I’ll use that skill, but I’m sure a time will come when I’ll have to swing for my life and I’ll live because I knew how!

Also a note for those girls out there who want to swing: DON’T where flats when swing dancing. I did and I tripped over my shoes a couple times when my feet slipped out.

Many Happy Returns-Sherlock

The Sherlock Season 3 premiere is this Sunday!!! So in honor of this brilliant show, I’m posting the 7-min. prequel, Many Happy Returns.

Now, I suppose I’m somewhat new to Sherlock. I mean, I haven’t been following it from the beginning–I just started watching it back in September. But that doesn’t make my love of it any less! 🙂

I have my friend J and my cousin to thank for my new addiction to British TV. And, strange as it is, everyone in my yearbook class likes Doctor Who and Sherlock! Just as I’m getting into those things! Crazy, right? Lots of people at my co-op are into those fandoms.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! 2013 was jam-packed with world events, wasn’t it? Well, now we have a whole new year to fill with memories and fun.

Besides all the cliché resolutions–more exercise, eat healthier, finish my writing projects, etc.–I have a couple new things I’m trying. Now, I can’t take credit for these ideas. My mom saw them on Facebook.

Number One:

Here’s an easy way to save. Since there are 52 weeks in the year, the first week, you put one dollar in a jar. The second week, you put $2 in the jar. Third week, $3 and so on through the whole 52 weeks. The last week, you’d save $52. It’d probably get a bit difficult toward those last couple months, but I’m sure if you’re determined enough, you could do it! By the end of the year, you’d have about $1,300! Christmas shopping money!!

I was considering doing this, but really, I already save 50% of whatever I make. A couple months ago, I started being a mother’s helper for my next-door neighbor with two small kids–an eighteen month old, and a 3 month old. It’s quite a job, but they’re so cute! Before I started working for them, I had been praying that they wouldn’t be so stressed and over-whelmed with the two new additions to their family. A couple weeks later, my mom emailed her and said that I’d be able to help out if they ever needed it (without telling me she sent the email, but I didn’t really mind).  My neighbors accepted and I’ve been working for them ever since! And I hope I can keep working for them. Yes, the extra cash is nice, but God is using me to answer my own prayers! It’s a great feeling.

Back on track, Number Two:

This one also requires a jar. 🙂 Throughout the year, keep a jar on hand and whenever something exciting or memorable happens in your life, write it on a slip of paper and keep it in the jar (could also be a box or something :)). At the end of the year, you can look through all of the memories you wrote down. I think this is a really great idea!! Kudos to the person who thought it up! I got a TARDIS shaped mug from my brother for Christmas and that’s what I’m keeping my slips of paper in. I wouldn’t exactly want to use it for drinking my tea out of. 🙂 Besides, I received a different TARDIS themed mug from a good friend of mine.

I’ve had a GREAT Christmas and New Year’s holiday! I hope y’all have, too. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Any new or clever ideas? I’d love to hear ’em!

Oh, and have fun getting used to going back to school! 🙂

Christmas Party

Last Saturday, the high school activities group at my co-op hosted a Christmas party. And boy, it was fun!! It was only the second event I’ve ever done with the high schoolers group, but I had a lot of fun at both of them. Had most of my co-op friends there. I had just a couple friends at the other co-op last year. Not that they weren’t good friends, they were actually really great friends, but this year, at this co-op, I seem to have made a lot more friends. There are more families at this one and it’s been around longer than the other one.

Anyway, back to the party.

First of all, let me just say. Outside was FREEZING cold!!! It got down to about 13 degrees at one point. Of course, this year is full of record breaking temps both hot and cold. Thankfully, it was nice and warm in the church. The first thing we did was the Limbo. Me, being the shorty that I am, did pretty well, I’d say. Surprisingly, the really, really tall guys got pretty far.

After that, we made groups of three or four and picked a random Christmas movie out of a hat. My group got White Christmas and I’m ashamed to say that I’d never seen it before. Luckily, one of the girls in my group had seen it and I just did what she told me to do. Basically, the game was that one at a time, each group would act out a scene from the movie they got and the rest of us had to guess which movie. All my group had to do was say, “Snow, snow, snow, snow!” And everybody got it. To say the least, I was curious about this movie. When I got home, I made my family sit down and watch it with me. Bing Crosby is awesome!! That movie is really funny and witty.

Then we exchanged White Elephant gifts. That was a LOT of fun.  After we each picked a wrapped gift from under the tree, we sat in a big circle. One of my friends sat in the middle and read ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. Each time she said the word “the” everyone passed his or her gift to the person on the right. I bet you’re all really curious to know what I got, aren’t ya? It’s pretty awesome! A cast iron skillet with fixin’s to make a big cinnamon roll! Another person got a Chia pet in the shape of Willie Robertson’s head. You know, Willie from Duck Dynasty. So funny!!

White Elephant gift 2013

I haven’t used it yet, but I fully intend to. 🙂 Those are really just the activities we did. We ate cookies, drank apple cider and hot chocolate. And it was a warm and Godly environment for all of us teens to get together and celebrate each other and God’s Gift to us. I’m really blessed to be able to hang out with kids my age that share my faith. I’m so looking forward to the next high school event!!